Housemate’s “Always Here for You” Remix Competition


Just submitted my remix of “Always Here for You” to the Housemate remix competition. It’s been a ton of fun making. I’ve recently been listening to the new Skrillex album and really taking in the quality of his mixes. Even if you’re not a fan of the content or style, there’s no denying that a Skrillex song is on a level of mastery that not many artists reach in terms of mixing quality. One of the things that really struck me about each song I listened to was the cleanliness. Even when he drops a super heavy bass, it never feels overly muddy. Mud is one of the more difficult things to minimize in a mix, but as a test, I tried applying a light 2 dB eq filter in the 200-400 hz range on each track in an attempt to keep low mid frequencies from gobbling up my headroom. What I ended up with was a much, much cleaner and crisper sound. This, in and of itself led to a new problem, sadly. Getting rid of the mud is definitely a huge part of the battle but now we have to take care of the high frequencies that are free to stab at your eardrums like a gremlin with a fork. As you increase the loudness of your track, make sure low and high frequencies are presented evenly. It’s very important to keep in mind, the end user should be able to listen comfortably and soak in all that frequency goodness you’ve worked so hard on, no matter what volume they play it at. Here are some URLs you might be interested in pursuing:

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