Nova Intent: Escape From Damascus 527 — Build 1 is here!


The first build of Nova Intent: Escape from Damascus 527 is now online. 🙂 Sadly, the only way to play it is to download the file from here:

I’m working on getting this thing up and running in the browser, but le sigh. De problems. But hey, first build is here!

Just a warning, this is not complete yet, just a demo/alphaish thing while I build out the rest of the content.

What is Nova Intent: Escape from Damascus 527, you ask? This is my take on the text based adventure genre. It skews from the traditional sense of a text based adventure for a few different reasons. It is not controlled by inputting text. There are graphics, but they do not exist to interrupt your imagination’s interpretation of the story, simply to inspire richness. There is ambient audio to add immersion, and tactile audio feedback.

This game is an interactive short story set in the fairly near future. Anyone who is a fan of Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, or any form of scifi writing, this game was made for you. There is action, drama, and an ending I hope will keep you thinking long after you’ve put the game down.

But most importantly, I hope you have fun and enjoy exploring the Damascus 527.