Can a Camera be Functional on a Smartwatch?


If you’re interested in the smartwatch scene, but not sure if the time is right to jump in, you might want to wait a little longer. The recent release of the Gear 2  kept the tradition of the original Samsung Galaxy Gear in that it kept the outward facing camera. Many have criticized the camera as being a gimmick and awkward, and I’d have to agree. So you may consider the other model of the Gear 2, the Gear 2 Neo which is basically the same device, just without the camera.

But what if there were some functional uses for that camera? What would convince the general public that they need the model with the camera? I think the answer is quite simple. The camera just needs a location adjustment. Instead of facing outward, you need to put the camera on the face of the watch, facing toward the user. Once this is done, the functionality of the camera becomes quite a bit more interesting.

The first and most interesting is that, the front facing camera would make video calling a snap.

Speaking of snap, Snapchat, nuff said.



Display brightness control.

More gesture controls.

From there the sky is the limit.

I’d be curious to know what tech people would like to see in a smart watch that would make the purchase more appetizing. So if you feel inspired by this article, leave a comment and be safe out there travelers!

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