Surface 2 Gaming With Remote Desktop


Doctor Bambi here with a tech tip to knock your socks off. So you’re looking to buy a new computer. But kind what do you get? A laptop? A tablet? Desktop? Laptops work fine for normal pc activities, but they don’t have the processing power I need to play real games, unless I want to break the bank. A tablet? I love the portability, and versatility, but again, you can’t really play the latest and greatest coming out on Steam. And a desktop computer is just too constricting. I don’t want to be leashed to an outlet for the rest of my life.
I looked at these new tablet/laptop crossovers that are gaining popularity, but it all comes back to processing power.
I want the power of a desktop in the comfort and versatility of a tablet.
And thus, the Surface came into the picture for a few key reasons. One being, herp derp, it’s a tablet. Second reason is the full sized USB port on the side. I can hook up my mouse and key board and run this just like a laptop. I can also hook up an xbox 360 controller to this bad boy.
Okay, great I can use a mouse and keyboard on a tablet, so what, it’s still just a tablet, what’s the interesting part?
The interesting part is splashtop. Slashtop is a way to control your desktop computer using another piece of technology, whether that be your tablet, mobile phone, or other computer. It works across Mac and PC and it has some features like wirelessly extending your display. Really great stuff.
Go find the Splashtop app in your tablet’s store. Download and install on your Surface or your ipad or whatever tech you have. Then go to on your home PC, in the top right corner you’ll see a button labeled Download Streamer.
Download and install that. Once that has finished installing, launch it. From here you can create an account or log in if you’ve already set one up. Now launch the splashtop app on your mobile device and you’ll be ready to remote desktop into your pc.
Some things to note though: First off, splashtop can’t use full screen. So if you want to play a game on your PC, you’ll have to set it to windowed mode. Secondly, I have a Surface 2, which boasts a full HD display running at a resolution of 1080p. Running splashtop at this resolution made it extremely laggy. If you have issues with lag, I suggest turning the resolution on your tablet down if it will let you.
Hope this was informative and stay safe out there travelers!

One thought on “Surface 2 Gaming With Remote Desktop

  1. What peripherals did you use to play the games on your Surface via the splashtop app. I can’t get the splashtop to recognize my Xbox controller (plugged in the surface) and when I use a standard mouse the slightest movement send the game camera spinning.

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